Review on: The Last Airbender

I had high hopes for this movie. I really love the cartoon, Avatar: The Last Airbender, where it was based from. Apparently, as a fan, the movie was a disappointment. At the first few minutes of the movie, I was pretty impressed with the voices because it brought a good vibe to the audience. But as the movie grew, I became puzzled. The plot was confusing and poorly adapted from the cartoon. If I haven’t seen the cartoon first, I would’ve been dumbfounded as to what the hell is happening. It was fast paced and poorly executed. They were jumping from a nation to another in such a nonsense manner. The characters weren’t deeply explored and properly introduced. Appa and Momo seemed very useless in the movie. Same goes for Sokka. He looked like an extra when he shouldn’t be one. Aang’s love for Appa wasn’t shown in the movie. q(=3=)p And the dialogues somehow looked scripted. Yes, obviously, it’s supposed to be scripted but the characters shouldn’t make it obvious. Some delivered their roles well while some just ruined it. I caught moments of pauses. It was like, “What? Is it my turn to speak now?”, “Crap! *recalls line*” Also, there were inappropriate dialogues or dialogues that looked like they were just thrown in the scene to waste the film. I remember one when Aang, Sokka and Katara were with the Earthbenders. The kid ran towards his father. Seconds later, he turned to Aang and said something like, “He’s my father.” Any of the three main characters said anything! They immediately spoke of a different topic. I understand that the director had to squeeze Book 1 in a movie that would last for 103 minutes but come on, he picked out the wrong scenes to show. Some major events were nowhere to be seen in the movie.

KATARA AND SOKKA ARE WHITE PEOPLE!!! I think they should’ve gone with the original skin color. Prince Zuko’s color became dark when he looks so pale in the cartoon. >.> Also, his hair in the movie was shown in the latter books of the cartoon, NOT in the FIRST book. It would’ve been better if they sticked to what the characters look like in the cartoon to prevent further confusion in the already confusing movie. Aang turned out to be the most emo character in the movie. Aang is a cheerful kid in the cartoon, the movie killed that. They killed the characters. The Southern Water Tribe… was like the movie’s Armageddon. The End. Seriously. The End.

Funny thing was, a technical problem happened and we were surprised it happened and can happen in movie theaters. Though there were a lot of disappointments, there were also moments that tried to save the movie. Mainly, the fighting scenes and the special effects. They were awesome.

I blame the director for turning a superb cartoon into a living dead movie. I wonder if he paid good attention to the cartoon… did he even watch it? 3-D is honestly not needed. It was hardly noticeable in the movie to begin with. I wonder what will happen to books 2, 3 and 4? I read the reviews online and I just have to agree. There were good parts but the bad parts just seem to top it off. Most dialogues were REALLY BORING. I found myself daydreaming of the cartoon instead of actually listening to the crappy dialogues. Nonetheless, I enjoyed reading the reviews. I actually laughed at some. Why? Like me, they are disappointed Avatar: The Last Airbender fans. They are dismayed with the movie. I want to say more but this is gonna be a long blog so… XD I’ll still be watching ’til Book 4 just because I do love A: TLAB and because I want to see some improvements! Work on it, Mr. Shyamalan or A: TLAB fans are gonna beat the crap out of you.

Rating: 6.5/10 *Couldn’t decide whether it’d be a 6 or a 7.*

Comments I loved reading: *So if you think I’m being rude, ungrateful & brutal, please allow yourself to read these reviews and then, judge. (:*

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