Soudan is Japanese for a collection of stories while shoosetsu means novel. I used to love writing back when I was in high school. It’s one of the things I do when I’m bored and have nothing interesting to do and also, to boost my imagination. Lately, I’ve had no interest in writing anymore. They’re never put to good work so it saddens me. I focus on genres that I am exposed to, familiar and comfortable with. So, genres like fantasy, sci-fi and action are no good for me. It’s best to leave them rather than ruining the said genres. Anyway, here are some stories I’ve written over the past 6 years. No rude comments. I know they’re childish, especially with regards to the first few stories, because I have always been into Disney movies. XD

Book 1: dThrasherz (2004)
I was in the era when ‘z’ was famous as ‘s’. This story is about 10 friends who love to skateboard and are aiming for the nationals. It’s basically stuff about teenage life, love, friendship, et cetera, and I make certain that the characters will make a connection with the readers. The thing is, the story never ended, I think… I cherish this story considering it’s my first, but seeing things were going nowhere, I ended up burning the two notebooks I’ve written them on early this year, 2010. I don’t really regret doing so because it’s something I just want to forget and I want to get over this skateboarding crap. (:

Book 2: Unwanted (2004/2005)
It’s just as the title says. A girl is unwanted, finds two friends, and the story goes into chaos. Fin~ (: XD

Book 3: Friends and Enemies Forever (2004/2005)
6 words: Two best friends. Separate goals. Pandemonium. XD

Book 4: Love Attack (2004/2005)
Some popular dude at school teases a girl for being boring, enigmatic and odd. Later, it is revealed that she is the girl he will be marrying. Fixed marriage, yeah.

Book 5: Our Camping Trip (2004/2005)
Need I explain more? XD

Book 6: Filthy Poor (2004/2005)
A rich girl goes poor, ends up being friends with her enemy since she was rejected by her ‘rich friends’ and when her family recovers from bankruptcy, will she still be friends with the person who helped her when everyone dumped her?

Book 7: Love Charm (2005)
I practically forgot about this story’s whole plot because I ended up having a conflict with my co-writer. Don’t ask. In any way, I do remember a lot of twists happened here.

Book 8: Sakura No Hana (2006)
This story is 4 years old. XD My co-worker happens to draw the characters in the story, which is really, really cool. [We have 2 sub-writers partly working with us on this story.] It has 2 seasons, a couple of OVAs and a movie. The focus on both seasons is a typical high school life with occasional exaggerating actings while the movie focuses with their college life and who they’ll end up with… maybe. d: The OVAs are wicked because there are a lot magical things going on. XD The story offers comedy, horror-suspense-thriller, romance and drama. The characters are real as well. The character names are taken from their cyber or usernames. I don’t know how many times we cosplayed our characters here. XD Lastly, this story is scary because not only is it half non-fictional but some of the stuff that we write comes true as well. SMOKES! XD We began to have fans here. (:

Book 9: De Va Académie (2007)
I worked with 2 lovely girls here. It kinda resembles the previous story, only that, the school is more techno-friendly and a lot bigger. There are things like I.D. cards to enter the school grounds, underground classrooms and Segways as transportation. It’s like the school of the future. We caught a couple of people who were interested in this story.

Book 10: (Unknown) (2007/2008)
This story was never put on hard copy. It’s never been completed and only exists in my mind. It’s about 2 people, a boy and a girl, who have shut themselves from the world. Here comes a happy-go-lucky girl who wanted to be friends with them and in the end, brought hardships for the two. This was the time when I was so down I thought of stuff about death… No, I didn’t have any suicidal tendencies. xD I never thought of a title, btw. I think it’s best if I leave it that way. (:

Book 11: (Unknown) (2008/2009)
I don’t have any good idea for the title. The story is connected to book 9 and revolves around an American pop indie band who decides to move to Japan for some reason. The female protagonist, who I named Sora, is friends with one of the main girls in book 9. Sora finds the school amusing and decides to enroll there. For that, she has to disguise herself to cover up her real identity. She has to balance her, being a student and being a musician. I didn’t want this to be one of those too much of a fictional story I’ve written. The characters in this story are fictional but their personalities and attitudes are non-fictional. They come from real people who I deal with. Unlike Sakura no Hana wherein we chiefly write the plot and the plot becomes a reality, this story was inspired by real moments that actually already happened. I may have added more twists in some just to make it more interesting. [What can I say, I’m a sucker for twists.] This story is never gonna end, trust me, because I don’t want it to. (:

Book 12: Reality Bites (2008)
It’s about an otaku who doesn’t have any interest in real men because she created a reality that she is in a relationship with an anime character. One day, some guy shows up and plays with her. He wants the otaku girl to know his name and wouldn’t leave her unless she guesses his name correctly. She is curious as hell because the guy knows every single thing about her. Even though I wrote this story, I’m confused if the otaku girl has feelings for the dude or not. In the end, she falls for her friend who has been interested with her for quite some time now. Although, I have to say that the dude who plays with the otaku girl has already developed feelings for her. This is one of the polished stories that I lost because the website that was hosting it deleted it. I haven’t logged in for a year so maybe they got mad or something. Haha. ^^a How upsetting. The only thing I have of this is the second ending. I made two endings because I couldn’t make up my mind. In the end, I lost the other ending since it was printed on the site. XD Lesson learned: Multiple copies… always. I love this story. </3

Book 13: An Ouran Fanfic (2008)
I worked with Ley-chan in this fanfiction. I lost its website as well. ): Anyway, the story’s about 2 French girls who run a host club in France. They are awestruck by the news that a host club in Japan exists. They both decide to spy to see what’s so great about the said, Ouran host club. Thus, the story begins…

Book 14: Pimple Fairy (2009)
It’s what the title says. XD This was written for our Lullipop Magazine. My friend, Sakura, is the main protagonist of this story. I made it that way for an obvious reason. XD

Book 15: Paparazzi (2009)
This is more of an article though. It’s a non-fictional one. I was with 3 of my friends at the library. We were trying to study for our upcoming major exam in the afternoon but all we did was laugh our butts off, causing everyone around us to leave the section. We also saw something suspicious, a hidden relationship maybe, and decided to make it a scoop in our magazine.

Book 16: Don’t Forget (2009)
Hayley doesn’t have any real friends at school because everyone thinks she’s weird and looking for attention when she said she can communicate with ghosts. Chihiro is annoying to Hayley’s eyes but she is the only one who stands up for her. Eventually, Hayley begins to open up to Chihiro. I’m not gonna say any more spoilers except that they’ll be separated in the end. XD This is one of the stories that I love. This was also featured in our magazine.

Book 17: (Unknown) (2009)
I wanted to make a story about two protagonists, a male and a female, who have no connection with each other whatsoever. Although, they do experience the same sorrow of a failed relationship. I thought it should be about love, that they’ll lose the person whom they thought was right for them. And when the story closes, the two protagonists meet. On a fateful day, the guy will accidentally nudge the girl and apologize. And as they walk away from each other, the guy looks back at the girl and continues walking toward the opposite direction. The girl does the same after the guy does it. It’s up to the reader’s imagination if their paths will cross again.

Book 18: Lullipop or Fairies (2009 & partly 2010)
I am unsure of the real title. XD Cos I made different story lines. =.= It’s both a fictional and a non-fictional story. The non-fictional was cut short. The second non-fictional is showing the awkwardness of some of them when they re-group themselves after a re-section of classes happened. The fictional has 3 story lines. The first focuses on our partners. The second focuses on the characters point-of-view, ie. I’d focus on Keiichi and I’ll somehow connect it to another character and now, focus with that character and so on. The last story line is about a trip to Japan and Korea. My friends and I are the characters of this story, btw. ^^

Book 19: Royalty Lineage (2009)
I love this story. XD I worked with Cham on this. It’s about a girl who was accused of cheating during an examination and is therefore sent to the Uupper Class as her punishment. The Upper Class is exclusive to guys but for an unknown reason, the headmaster puts her there. She gets intro trouble on her first day but manages to gain the vice chairman’s trust. I really love this story. XD

Book 20: My ex-boyfriend (10th of July, 2010)
Finally, after she thought she had moved on, our female protagonist mistakens a new celebrity as her ex. She phones him and realizes that it is, indeed, her ex. She despises him for letting her experience such a tragic first love. On a funny note, the ex is suddenly interested in her again and stalks her around. When the female protagonist tells this to a friend of hers, he decides to help her out and threatens the idol if he dares to show up near his friend again. This is a fresh story. I already ended this story even though I’ve only made it up when I was lazily rolling on my bed this morning. XD

I had other stories in mind but since I didn’t write them down, they’re long forgotten. Still, thank you for reading. (:x