SHINee <3

August 2008. I’m months late! They debuted last May. Luckily, I found their first music video. I recorded both videos and showed them to my friends when school came. It was then, that my love for K-music returned. Seriously, I went head over hills with these guys. My friend and I, literally, tried to do their dance steps but time just won’t permit us. XD My friends know how obsessed I am with SHINee. In an episode of YunHaNam, Key drew a necktie on his tee. I did that on our magazine photo shoot. XD With SHINee’s music video, A.Mi.Go, Taemin wore a Rubik’s Cube and a Queen of Hearts card necklace. I was so eager to find a small Rubik’s Cube and with the help of my friends, I found one. XD Then, I used a Death Note Playing Card, King of Hearts as the other necklace. (: I can’t control my squeal volume when we talk about SHINee. When their 3rd album was finally available at record bars, I immediately bought one without asking permission from my mom. XD Ah, she knows how obsessed I am with them and had her buy me SHINee’s 2009: Year of Us album, ASAP! XD She was hesitant about it because the album was quite expensive. SHINee wears colorful wristwatches so I thought of using one. Surprisingly, those wristwatches became popular around school so I lost interest. Weeks after my debut party, my good friend, Naru, gave me an awesome present: a Taemin tumbler! 😀 I was so happy but I had to control myself from erupting of being a fangirl because people will be staring, and I hate that.

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Taemin became my favorite. (: Why? a.) He was always at the center so it was hard to miss him. b.) He was the only member who wore a fedora(?) hat, making him more impossible to miss. c.) He was so adorkable. d.) His dancing makes me want to stop and stare at him everytime I make an attempt to check the other members. e.) He makes me miss dancing and makes me want to dance again. f.) He’s a kid at heart and is really nice on their reality shows. (x [Not that the others are arrogant though! XD]

How was I captivated by SHINee? a.) Mainly because of their dance steps. There are a lot that I haven’t seen before so it was really interesting to watch them. 😀 b.) Also, their voices are really awesome! c.) Their sense of humor is way on the top too. 😀 d.) And with their SHINee Trend. The reason I wanted to wear suspenders and acquire high top sneaks is because of them. XD I tried to be a member at but something weird happened that I couldn’t open my account anymore. I think I tried making another one but… XD They have reality shows that I successfully got to watch on YouTube and I just get so upset when it ends. XD SHINee needs more reality shows, seriously.

SHINee has been around the music business for more than 2 years now. They even visited the Philippines late last year, 2009. I was so devastated when I saw them on TV because I had no idea they were here! In any way, Taemin had A(H1N1) so he failed to come. I guess I was kinda okay with it since he was absent. (-ω- )o I joked around with my friends that it was because I didn’t attend the so-called concert that Taemin didn’t attend as well. But still, it was SHINee so I’m really gutted I wasn’t able to watch nor support them. They looked so friggin’ awesome I probably would have gone nuts if I were there. XD Fact is, the venue wasn’t packed with fans since SHINee, still, wasn’t famous in the Philippines when the so-called concert happened so they let people in for free. GAWD! ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ (I’m adding ‘so-called’ because I really don’t see it as a concert, sorry.)

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I love watching SHINee in their reality shows. Hands down to them. But there was this scene when they suddenly showed SHINee performing and I was just like, “Wow, they really are stars.” I guess I just get so absorb with their shows that I forget they are celebrities. They’re really hilarious in their reality shows like when they make mistakes, do role plays, and make funny facial expressions but once they perform on stage, they instantly transform into these group of guys who are professionals at singing and dancing. It’s like you wouldn’t imagine they were those dudes in the show. So, I’ve been thinking lately that it’s hard to reach them… XD I haven’t thought anything like that until I watched their latest show. I’m kinda frustrated about it, tbh. But, that’s just how things should go, you know. Still, I’m quite devastated. XD

SHINee keeps changing their style in every music video they release. It’s awesome because you never know what they’ll look like on their next music video. Bling (not Jonghyun! d:) and I had a talk and we both agreed that we still have a soft spot for their look when they debuted. Don’t get us wrong, we like SHINee’s current look but we fell for their “debuted” look so that’s why we still have a soft spot for it. \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ

Hover over the photo to see the description and click to enlarge. (SHINee doesn’t really have a music video for JoJo so I ended up editing a couple of screen shots from their live performances of the said song. Loving the SHINee Trend! <3)

One thing that bums me about SHINee is that Onew gets less attention even though he’s the leader of the bunch. They mostly let Jonghyun get the solo parts. I have nothing against Jonghyun, I mean, I have to admit, his voice is really amazing and it’s awesome when he does the MJ voice. But I just want Onew to shine. I want people to stop mistaking Jonghyun as the leader. Did they make Onew the leader just because he’s the oldest? Oh, Taemin mostly gets the center position. The members admitted Taemin’s a great dancer and that he was even named as the “Dancing Machine” of the group, so I’ll make no comment about it anymore. XD I am thrilled knowing Onew has solo projects like singing a duet with Lee Hyun Ji in Vanilla Love, a duet with Jessica from SNSD in One Year Later and plays Jubong in the musical, Brothers were Brave. Ah, trivia! 😀 It was Jessica who recommended Onew the part of Jubong. ^^ Waa, I want to watch Onew in that play. D: (The play started on the 1st of April and will end on the 20th of June. Onew has a kissing scene so I wonder if he’ll be repeating it on every play. Like, wth? Tofuuu. (>̯<) *sigh* In any way, please enjoy these photos of Onew in the play. Credit goes to

Click to enlarge and enjoy the awesomeness of Onew’s face. 😀

If SHINee announces a concert in the Philippines, hell, I am getting a SVIP seat no matter what! XD And I will seriously want to stalk them around! XD Ah, but I will choose to respect their privacy. ( ´∀`) They deserve a lot of it. Academics, do NOT ruin the concert schedule! XD

Nagoya Fanmeeting
How will you spend Valentine’s day? This year’s Valentine’s day is in the Chinese New Year’s holiday and on a Sunday.
Jonghyun: Maybe I will spend time with the members.
Minho: I hope I’ll spend time with the members, except Jonghyun.
Jonghyun: Actually I don’t want to spend Valentine’s day with guys…