My fondness for Korean music began at the year 2003. I was flipping channels and stumbled upon this Korean music show. It was Kwon Boa who captured me. I was totally blown. I would wait every episode for them to play her video. So, my journey with K-music began. Along the way, I met Sugar. I love Sugar. XD They are sooo cute. Ah, alas, they disbanded. I don’t remember when but I definitely got distracted with the anime fever going on. So, basically, I stopped watching K-pop because I forgot all about it.




August 2008. “Gah, I’m so bored. I’m so bored. ( ̄へ ̄)” *flips from channel to channel* Ah, hisashi buri. o: That was the fateful day when I saw the Korean music show again after 5 years. The VJ introduced a music video and after which, the VJ mentioned about a new band and even showed clips of their video. “Oh, a new band. I should check them out.” Since the VJ switched to another topic, I decided to change the channel for a few seconds. When I switched back to the Korean music show, they were already playing the video of the said new band! “Oh, that was fast! They’re already playing it! XD” Still, I watched. They. were. really. good. o__o It was a good thing their band name was shown at the end of the video. I quickly searched them on YouTube. The band’s name happens to be SHINee. They are seriously awesome. Anyway, it’s all thanks to these guys that I am once again a K-music fan. SHINee fighting~! (≥w≤)v

샤이니 w/ 풀무원

After SHINee, I began listening to other music artists. Most of them, I’ve only been listening to songs that have been properly introduced through music videos. Being exposed to the Korean music for more than 3 year now, I’ve finally come to pick my favorites.

Male Bands                                          Female Bands                                         Solo Artists