I really don’t have a good background with J-music. XD Our cable doesn’t provide us Japanese music channels so it’s hard for me to keep up with J-music. It’s so random. *cough* Do anime songs count? Because if so, then I really have no idea where to start. XD Okay, let’s just say it started with Puffy AmiYumi. The first song I heard from them came from the movie, Scooby Doo. They were the first J-band that I actually got to see the real music video because mostly, it’d just be ending clips from some anime. XD And then, they did a song on Teen Titans. The more why I loved them. (:

Puffy AmiYumi

So, while exploring J-music, I bumped into bands like The Gazette or The GazettE (ガゼット), Alice Nine (アリス九號), and L’Arc~en~Ciel (ラルク アン シエル). Sadly, I never tried listening to their songs. (=3=) Don’t ask me why, I don’t know either. Maybe someday. XD Just a thought, The Gazette kinda scares me because of how they dress. XD I know it’s visual kei but they do it sooo good, it’s almost perfect! (considering there really is nothing perfect in this world) And their expressions on any photoshoot just adds up to it! I’ve seen some photos of them, smiling and laughing so it did help me adjust. Yep, maybe someday. Definitely. XD


ラルク アン シエル


I like anime songs a lot. (: Countless anime songs. I began to know singers like Nami Tamaki, Ayumi Hamasaki, Chieko Kawabe and Aya Hirano. J-pop bands. I’ve been listening to SCANDAL’s album lately and they’re really cool especially since they’re a girl rock band. 😀 Gah, how could I forget, Arashi. These guys make such good music! ^^ Please listen to their songs and support them. (:



11.o8.1o ~ I am currently addicted to SuG.


o8.o5.1o First time I heard them sing, I completely forgot what I was doing. XD I adore these two charming lads. They’re currently MIA, I suppose. Can’t wait for some new stuff to come out! (:


11.17.1o ~ Getting there.

Kana Nishino

西野 カナ

Last year, probably. Getting there. [2]



12.12.1o ~ The charming voice I wouldn’t get tired of listening. My current Japanese artist drug, Shota-sama! >3 *Matsumoto-sama, 心配しないで、笑ってね!XD*

Shimizu Shōta

清水 翔太