The package *o*

The package has arrived! XD They said it’d take about a month but it came in a week after I sent them my info. Someone from the post office called and wanted me to get an express mail from them. I knew I wasn’t expecting any mail so the package immediately squeezed into my mind. Of course, I didn’t want to keep my hopes up but I couldn’t help thinking about it! And I was hoping for a CD, lol.

When I received the item, the small package, I literally giggled, squealed and jumped. I was like, “Waa, I’m actually holding something that’s fresh from Korea! >3” I couldn’t help but stare at the writings on the package.

When I got home, I rushed into my room and slowly opened the package–ruined a portion! XD I noticed Contents section saying, MUSIC CD. My eyes popped! It is a CD! I felt for its edges before opening the package and thought it really was a CD. I thought it was going to be SHINee’s CD but it turned out to be a U KISS CD! 8DD Actually, I’ve wanted to buy their ‘Only One’ CD but it was too expensive. *3* God must’ve heard my prayers, lol. XD My smile didn’t wear off for a while, especially since it was signed CD! >3 Although this may be one of those computer printed autographs. D: Still, I feel really lucky and blessed to receive it. (:

Thank you, ArirangTV and U KISS! ^^