Bookworm, Always

Look what I got!!! Mom and I dropped by the bookstore last night and ta-daaaa! Days or a week before getting these books, I checked them online on the bookstore’s website and found that they were only selling the zombie edition of Pride and Prejudice. So, bummed as I was, I checked another bookstore’s website and was glad that they were selling a ton of Pride and Prejudice versions only that, this bookstore is only open in Manila. I told myself that at least my friend will be lending hers and it would be enough for my craving.

So we dropped by the bookstore last night for a different reason. While waiting for mom at the package counter, I decided to check the availability of the Pride and Prejudice book on a computer. There were tons of results showing the book and I only checked the first one and learned that it was out of stock. I wasn’t really that surprised considering I’ve already checked their main website. Mom was buying these Christmas houses for her little village and I thought I’d roam around the store. I first dropped by the comics area just to check if there were any manga around. I saw an employee and at first, hesitated to ask her but I did any way. There was actually a customer behind her and when I approached to ask her, he looked, so I lowered my voice so if the book isn’t available, I wouldn’t feel embarrassed. The employee asked me if the author was Jane Austen and then showed me around four books with different covers! I was so happy but had to keep my countenance calm because I was seriously doing my happy dance inside. She practically kept handing me book after book after book it was almost like she was too eager to show EVERY copy they had at the store! XD

I wanted to buy the pink cover which had additional features in it and which was pretty affordable but I went for the black and white book because I’ve read online that it has drawings in it. Hopefully, it won’t kill the story or disappoint my expectation of the drawings. I, initially, planned to buy just that ONE book but my eyes suddenly caught another of Jane Austen’s works. What was so amazing about this was that it has three of her works in one freakin’ book!!! And it’s cheaper than the Pride and Prejudice book! d: I grabbed it without hesitation and proudly marched around the store with Austen’s books wrapped around my arms.



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